Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are they suitable for?

EZ trainers are purchased by old and young and are ideal for adults who have issues with balance due to age related issues or restricted physical disabilities.

2. Can they be fitted to any bike?

The trainer sets are available in two sizes (12in and 16in wheel version). As such the trainers can be fitted to most bikes with a bolted rear axle or a QR fitting. There are additional long lever fitting kits available.

3. How to they fit to the bike?

The trainer sets are fitted to either the seat-post clamp or rear rack mounts along with the rear axle. The rear axle fitting varies depending on whether it is bolted or quick-release. If the bike has a quick-release rear axle you will need the QR long lever kit.

4. Is there a maximum weight limit?

The EZ trainers are certified with EN and JIS Standards and have a maximum weight limit of 300lbs (136kg)

5. Do you have to remove them completely for storage or transportation?

No, the quick-release coils enable the wheels to be removed while the main frame stays in place. This process takes no more than a couple of minutes.

6. What is the width of the bike with stabilizers?

The adult and folding trainers add approximately 9in to each side of the bike. The total width depends on the bike.

7. When fitted, are both wheels touching the ground?

If you are new to cycling or have not ridden for some years, the stabilizers should be touching the ground. With time and confidence they can be raised quite easily to aid manoeuvrability.

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