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About EZ Trainer

Who are EZ Trainer?

EZ Trainers are a Canadian based company who have designed and created these unique adult stabiliser sets. They understood the need for a product that enables adults to continue cycling when when health or balance are impaired. Restoring confidence and gaining the freedom of cycling.. Before EZ trainers were developed, people who did not wish to to purchase an adult tricycle found little assistance to help them return to cycling. EZ started manufacturing and distributing their products worldwide, offering a unique aid to cycling balance; a product with built in suspension and sturdy frame, giving comfort and stability. To help with transportation and storage the EZ trainers were specifically designed with a quick release system that enables the trainer wheels to be removed quickly with very little fuss.

EZ Trainers UK

Part of J E James Group, EZ Trainers UK is the sole distributor for EZ adult stabilisers. J E James Cycles is a family run business which has been established for over 50 years. As one of the largest independent cycle retailers in Europe you can be sure of a reputation built on service and quality.

As EZ Trainer UK, we stock the EZ Adults trainer with 16in wheels and the Folding Bike edition with 12in wheels. Both these trainer sets have been developed for adults who may need assistance with balance and confidence but still love to ride.

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